Medicine By the Dose

“Doctor Approved – Patient Tested”


'Medicine by the Dose' is a prescription packaging system that simplifies the task of taking
complex drug therapies including vitamins and other nutritional supplements.


Directors and Managers,

Simplify, expedite AND add an extra level of security to the dispersement of medications to the campers, students and residents of your facility by using WhitesRx 'Medicine By The Dose' Service.


Care Givers,

Feel more secure about the daily medications your parent or patient is receiving at home or in a residential facility by requesting WhitesRx 'Medicine By The Dose' Service.

Medicine By the Dose

“Doctor Approved – Patient Tested”


  • This prescription packaging system simplifies the task of taking complex drug therapies including vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

  • Very convenient and one of the safest and most accurate ways to minimize the risk of medication errors.

  • Favored by Seniors, Executives, Children, Caregivers, Camps, Boarding Schools, Assisted Living Environments, and other healthcare related facilities, public, private, and non-profits.

  • Our Multi-dose packaging system allows several pills to be packaged together in tamper-proof packages which specifically show name of patient, contents, pill description, and dosage.

  • Patient friendly packaging in Single dose, Multi-dose, PRN Patient as Needed dose, and Individual General Dose.

  • No administrative and packaging cost to patient / facility except for medication as per insurance and a minimal shipping / delivery charge where appropriate.

  • Free local Delivery.

  • Emergency Service 24-7-365 days a year.

  • A registered pharmacist and Customer Care representatives are available after hours to answer all questions and fill emergency prescriptions as needed.

  • We package and distribute all prescriptions in our company owned facility.

  • Pharmacy direct, 1 facility, no middleman.

  • All Insurance plans accepted.

  • This program builds a strong relationship between our team of in-house staff pharmacists and special care representatives and medical personnel, nurses, camps, and all facility doctors.

  • Servicing the industry since 1993.

  • Whether you are a camp, boarding school, nursing home, hospice, assisted living facility, or most importantly a caregiver, today’s challenges are more demanding than ever, and our White’s Healthcare Medicine By the Dose program has been servicing your type of facility for over 13 years.

  • We are continually looking into the future to bring you the patient care options you need.

  • We ensure regulatory compliance by offering you a clinical team that supports the tools and resources needed in this demanding environment.

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